EASY AND DELICIOUS: Tastie choice's Entrees make it easier than ever to have the delicious flavors of curries. Toss the Trays into the microwave for 90 seconds then enjoy your delicious, spice-balanced meal.
BOLD SPICES: Tastie choice's developed Most popular cuisine of India made from Natural ingredients and  tempered with Clarified butter and serve with basmati rice.
ANCIENT TRADITIONS: Flavorful Indian recipes have evolved over thousands of years. We’ve taken this wisdom and sealed it in a convenient package. Our fresh vegetable and lentil Entrées deliver you centuries of taste in less than 90 seconds.
FAST, FLAVORFUL, ALL NATURAL: For close to 20 years, Tastie choice has been making fast, flavorful and all natural ethnic food - including entrees and rice - to delight consumers, with a focus on supporting local farms and protecting the environment.


Join us on a culinary journey that aims to bring the taste of India to the world!

Red Kidney Bean Curry with Basmati Rice(Rajma)

Cuisine connected with every north Indian's heart popularly called as Rajma chawal made from red kidney beans in medium spice and served with basmati rice.
Chickpea Curry With Basmati Rice(Chana masala)
Original Dhaba Style Chick Peas Masala Curry inspired by pindi chole style made in medium spices and served with basmati rice

Yellow Split Lentil Curry with Rice (Dal Tadka)

Most popular cuisine of India made from Yellow Split Lentis and Pink Split Lentils tempered with Clarified butter and serve with cumin rice.


Black Lentil Creamy Curry with Rice (Dal Makhani)

Authentic blend of black lentil and red kidney beans that are slowly cooked overnight with topped cream and butter and served with basmati rice popularly known as Dal Makhani.

Cottage Cheese Curry with Rice (Shahi paneer)

Cottage cheese popurlary called as pneer in India made in rich creamy sauce in mild spices served with basmati rice. A very popular cuisine of North India.


I couldn't believe the taste of the packed food with no preservatives, all natural. I very much appreciate the work people are putting for such creative ideas. Meal taste as my mom got me a home plate full of flavors. .”

— Customer Review
This tastes very delicious one of the best ready meals i have ever eaten with the authentic taste of INDIA .”

— Customer Review
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